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Who Are We

Today on the internet you can find anything. However, the biggest part of the information is unuseful and in fact, doesn’t help at all. We used to be people, who faced false information and now we want to break this vicious circle. We gathered the best team to come up with the RIGHT answers to your questions. We pay our attention to every single detail to provide you with really working guides to solve your problem.

What do we do

Our website is full of updated information about anything you want to know about your Mac gadget. Find out what is the best app for creating collages or discover the advantages of the recent updates. We discover and work on everything that is connected to Mac. Our team is a huge group of people who need their favorite laptop more than air. They are professionals who don’t work but live in this sphere.

Our main target is to provide you with all nuances of Mac software, app, and operating system. We want you to know the right way of doing the procedures, which are to help, but not to harm.

Why we?

First of all, we are not actually a company. Profit – is not our main goal. We want to believe that the simplicity (in language, guides, communication) is a key. We want you to understand what we mean without technical dictionaries or IT managers’ help. Although our guys have all the necessary technical skills, we can assure you, they can make every confused operation as clear as a day.

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