10 Best Apps For Your First iPad

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If you have just purchased a new iPhone and want to turn it into a multifunctional tool, then you have come to the right place. We have chosen and described the best apps that you can easily download from the App Store and use them for fulfilling your everyday tasks, getting inspiration or entertainment.


It is well-known that coloring books are no longer just for little children. Adult coloring books become more and more popular due to their calming benefits. But now you have a wonderful opportunity to get this stress-relieving experience even without having crayons and paper at your disposal. You just have to download Pigment on your iPad and enjoy coloring nature, flowers, fantasy and abstract shapes by using a wide variety of tools and colors. Moreover, you will find some tools that even don`t exist in real-world coloring. Pigment is even better than a traditional coloring book because it gives you the chance to share your masterpiece with your friends via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  So, if you are a coloring enthusiast, then you shouldn`t leave this app behind.

Reduce your stress and anxiety by taking a break with Pigment


Mint is a free management tool that will help you create your budget, calculate your income and expenses and use accurate financial reports for your further financial activity. Due to this app, you will forget about the stress of money troubles because Mint will create your spending plan wisely. This budget will be based on your average spending habits. Mint will give you the opportunity to control your financial situation with the use of some useful functions that are divided into several sections of the app: Investments and Ways to Save, Overview, Trends (reports), Budgets, Transactions, and Goals. This application is just great for working with variable expenses. Download Mint and protect yourself against financial disaster.

Connect your bank accounts and credit cards to create a budget automatically

Kindle Reader

With the use of Kindle Reader, you will be able to carry all your eBooks with you no matter where you go. You can send any book that you have purchased on Amazon to your iPad directly from the website. What is more, you can even transfer different files from your computer to your iPad Kindle app for enjoyable reading while going somewhere. The landscape mode will make your reading on iPad more natural.

Enjoy a natural reading on your iPad


This app will definitely make the difference to your working life. With the use of Keynote, Numbers, and Pages you will be able to create sensational-looking files and documents for your business organization. You can even share your work with your colleagues because iWork is compatible with Microsoft counterparts. Due to various design tools and templates, you will create amazing presentations, spreadsheets, and documents that will help you bring your ideas to life.

Your iPad will be incomplete without iWork app that creates and edits documents in the perfect way

Notes App

Notes App is a wonderful tool that will impress you with its numerous functions for your everyday life. You can create checklists, capture a quick thought, sketch ideas, format a note, add an attachment, add a photo or video and even scan and sign documents. With its use, you can even share a specific note with somebody. You can also protect all your notes and keep the privacy by using the password. In order to download Notes App on your iPad, you have to make sure that your device runs the latest version of iOS.

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Use the latest features of Notes on your iPad


It is said that Audiobus is one of the most powerful and intriguing additions to the iPad`s music ecosystem. And it is definitely true! It is just an incredible tool for music creation. You will easily design your own sound by chaining effects, sequence your sound generators, layer and record performances, recall, save and share your setups with presets. You just won`t be able to do without Audiobus if you are an iPad musician who prefers to work with several programs at the same time.

Create synth sounds, clip loops and lay down beats with the use of Audiobus


Bear is a beautifully-designed and flexible writing app for crafting prose and notes. You can use it everywhere so the next time when your inspiration strikes, you will have everything that you need for handling text at hand. Astonishing typography and themes will make your writing look just great. Bear provides its users with multiple export options, regular updates, possibility to rich previews, add to-dos and use Cross-Note Links to build the body of your work. Just write your own way with Bear app and share your unique thoughts with others.

Add files, images and code blocks to make your writing more impressive


Get the eBay app for iPad in order to find, sell and buy everything wherever you are. eBay for iPad makes buying and selling even easier because it gives the opportunity to manage your own sales, find deals and browse through offers without any problems. eBay app aims at creating more personal experience for keen shoppers and sellers as well.

Search for products and filter by distance, ending time and price on your iPhone


Since that time, you easily discover new ideas to try on your iPad because this app looks just great on it. Its primary aim is to make your life more colorful and full of incredible novelties. It will definitely become a constant source of inspiration for you. By installing this app, you will be able to find everyday cool ideas, save them, organize everything by topic and even collaborate with friends. Pinterest is also one of the most popular free apps for your iPhone.

You can find cool ideas in this digital scrapbook on your iPad


Netflix is known as the world`s leading Internet television network that always has something for everyone. Now you can use Netflix on your iPad and enjoy its numerous advantages. You can browse titles and search for your favorite shows and movies. You will get some individual recommendations based on what types of movies you usually watch. The process of streaming Netflix on your iPad is gratefully simple.

Stream your favorite movies and shows on your iPad via Netflix app