40 Free Apps for Your iPhone. Part 1

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While the App Store new look is certainly a big change visually, it still has a good combination of free apps for your iPhone. You can download and install many useful applications for iPhone in few seconds. We present you 40 free applications that can perfectly fit your newest smartphone.


Google Trips. If you like traveling around the world, you can get a free application designed by Google. Google Trips can become your travel assistant, including all useful tips for your future travel. This app is easy to use, you can make reservations or travel itineraries whenever you want. Many helpful recommendations are included in this app, which can be useful for you to plan your activity and discover the best places in the world. Moreover, it can work offline if you do not have a Wi-Fi Hotspot nearby.


Housecraft. Are you thinking to redecorate your home? Well, this app is the best solution for many users. Housecraft allows you to find a new piece of furniture. It includes a 3D database model of any furniture, including couches, tables, chairs or desks. By using this app on your iPhone, you can virtually place different units in your home. Many features of Housecraft’s app have settings, where you can adjust each item’s size and see how they might fit your apartment. Just in few simple moves, you can rearrange your room.


Clips. The App Store can offer you many video apps. Clips is something that you want to install on your iPhone. Just in the one simple app, you can take videos, edit and share them with your friends over your social media pages. Clips has simple settings, where you can control your videos without having any issues, especially with timelines, tracks or some complex editing tools. By installing this smart app, users can apply different filters, effects or some animated emoji. Make your videos in few simple steps.


Quik. Among many unused applications, Quik is probably worth your attention. This application can make good videos out of your recent footage, adding many effects and extra features. It is very easy to use: for example, you can select up to 300 photos and videos from your internal memory or iCloud, and Quik will highlight the best moments. Moreover, there are many free songs to sync with your videos, or you may add your own favorite music. This app can save videos in the different resolutions, 1080p or 720p.


Facetune. Like taking selfies? Then this app is surely for you. The newest version, Facetune 2, is a good app to edit your photos. There are many features to use: you can brighten teeth, smooth out skin blemishes and remove shine. In addition, users can have many useful tools: tweak saturation, lighting, shadows or glare. Through the inside feature “Compare Tool”, there is an option to take a look at photos before and after. Moreover, Facetune 2 has a “magic camera” to apply live feature tweaks or filters.

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Dropbox. The popular and free application is a “must have” for your iPhone. Dropbox is helping you to popularize your files, photos, music, and documents and make an access to them on any device. You can have 2GB of cloud storage, where you can upload your favorite photos, music or videos, with synchronization and offline access settings. For those who always like sharing their media files through the social media accounts, DropBox is the best and free app. Another additional feature, handy photo scanner can help you convert snapshots into PDFs.


AnyDo. Many people, who are deeply involved in the business activities, can use AnyDo as their assistant. This app can manage your daily tasks or chores, keep your schedule with to-do-list, including many reminders and notes. The best part is that AnyDo has a synchronization between different devices. It is very comfortable to use in-app voice feature to make your week to-do-list just by voice. This free app is available in App Store for all users, who are seeking to manage their daily activity properly. Premium version adds advanced features.


AccuWeather. Yet another free app is available for your iPhone. AccuWeather provides users with timely and detailed information regarding the current weather including forecasts. These forecasts are presented with special animated weather features, radar maps, and detailed forecasts for the next days. In addition, a feature AccUcast can warn you of any serious weather changes or road conditions, if you decided to travel somewhere far. Many weather-related videos are available for users to get forecast info at a glance. Apple Watch users may use this useful app as well.


Overcast. The best and free application for iPhone to make podcasts is surely the Marco Ament’s Overcast. It offers you a perfect combination of clean design and powerful audio to manage your podcasts with different and useful features. It is not difficult to use; you can handle episode playbacks and downloads. Overcast is designed to send you notifications of new episodes, and you can play them offline or through your stream, which can save you some space. This app includes good audio features and voice boost. Make your quality podcast free.


Noisli. Some people require a peaceful environment or atmosphere to do their job. In this case, you have a good chance to install the best and free app – Noisli. This app can help users create their own customized relaxing soundscape and atmosphere, by using a big variety of natural sounds. Moreover, you can create a perfect mix of different sounds with white, pink or brown noise generators. The in-app timer helps to set up your daily productivity or you can just turn it off at night. Enjoy your own environment with Noisli.