40 Free Apps for Your iPhone. Part 2

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We continue to provide you with some iOS 11 news, more specifically, with the list of the best apps designed for your iPhone. This short list is the best way to fill up your device with good apps.


Venmo. If you are using a PayPal system, which is very comfortable and famous nowadays, you need to have Venmo on your iPhone. This simple person-to-person payment app can let you easily proceed any payments. You can pay your friends or business colleagues through the application and they will instantly get the transferred amount of money. In addition, there is a good opportunity to link your main card to existed PayPal account. Many people find payment service very simple and comfortable, and you can use Venmo to pay for any products.


Firefox Focus. Are you annoyed with the endless ads popping up during the browser surfing? Well, it is a big problem even for iPhone users. We present you a good and free app – Firefox Focus. This app allows using private browsing mode of many famous browsers automatically blocking many ads or trackers. There are many additional and helpful settings inside this app. For instance, it can boost a loading speed for many web pages. Your browser history and cookies can be erased in few seconds, including passwords and logins. Try it out.


LastPass. You may have some issues with remembering your passwords, especially if you just bought a new phone. To avoid such issues, there is a good app, also known as a cross-platform password manager. LastPass can combine password vault and strong password generator, and it works with many mobile browsers. The service allows you using a master password or TouchID to make a successful access. There is also a feature to help users generate new passwords alongside with adding or updating the Form Fills, Sites or Secure Notes.


Google Photos. You may face the situation when there is no space available on your iCloud. While you don’t have enough time to clean it out, you may use Google Photos. The app is available for all iPhone users. It is famous due to its unlimited photo storage. You can store your photos through the Google Account. This app can also offer a smart album assistant and some editing tools. Moreover, Google Photos has a good search tool to help you find familiar objects, places or photos.


Kindle. If you can’t imagine your life without books than Kindle app is definitely for you. It is free and it is a perfect e-book reader that allows you read files from your digital library. The settings are very simple and you can choose the different font size, background, and other features. The synchronization is available on many different devices and you can continue using Kindle on the same page since you can adjust bookmarks or notes. Check out this famous application and get it free for your iPhone.

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Uber. Nowadays, getting a cab is easier than ever. Many famous taxi companies developed special apps for different smartphones. The most famous app is surely an Uber. This powerful and simple application has a wide range of options for people. You can complete your registration just in few minutes and use the application anytime you need to. The payment is properly calculated through your credit card or PayPal system. Moreover, the iOS 11 allows you using Siri to order a ride by your voice. Pointless to mention that it is free.


Google Maps. The next app does not need an introduction. Google Maps is a very famous app, and you know how useful and helpful it can be in some situations. The most incredible feature to use is turn-by-turn navigation, which can help you find any street in any country. Moreover, it will show a direction and few possible ways. For travelers, it can be very useful since exploring a new town or city is better with Google Maps. For iOS users this app is free.


Pocket. This app is a great tool to work with saved files on iOS. The Pocket app was designed to allow you select or save articles, pictures, and videos to view later. There are many useful features, for example, you can enjoy any content from the web. Tagging, cross-device and platform syncing make your iPhone turn into a useful device. Moreover, Pocket features give you a good experience to share or save files. Do not forget that you can get this app free and install on your newest iPhone without any troubles.


Waze. Yet another helpful application for your iPhone, where you can get tips on how to complete driving route faster. A perfect system of navigation helps users to create a path to the desired location. It also includes some important data: possible accidents, how to choose a better route, speed traps or other serious issues that you may face during your future ride. Additional features of Waze application include useful tips for travelers, such as automatic rerouting or cheap gas alerts. Get this app for your iPhone and plan your travel in few minutes.


OpenTable. If you are looking to spend your weekend at the best restaurant near your hometown than you need to try OpenTable app. This application can help you find the best options and make reservations just in few minutes. All data available for users contain a lit of information, including the map, photos, reviews and menus of different restaurants. There are at least 43,000 restaurants can be found inside its app’s data, including US, Mexico, Canada, Germany or Japan. iOS 11 users can use Siri to make a quick reservation for any time.