40 Free Apps for Your iPhone. Part 3

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Do you want to fill up your iPhone with the best free apps? Then it is a good time for you to learn about the applications to download instantly from your App Store. Find out more below.


Microsoft Outlook. If you have never heard about the Microsoft Outlook then we present the most famous app for managing your work through e-mail. This app is a great tool for your email, attachments, contacts, and calendars. You can manage your activity just in few minutes and everything you want through this simple app. App’s built-in features allow you controlling multiple accounts and be in touch with your friends or co-workers. Outlook is a perfect fit for Office 365, Gmail or Yahoo Mail, iCloud.


Slack. The best way to be in touch with your friends can be achieved through this simple messaging application. You can synchronize all your devices at the same time and send messages whenever you want. In addition, users are able to share media files, which is very important nowadays. You can open a conversation with multiple contacts. Slack has an integration with many services such as cloud storage or Zendesk. Since this app is available free you can also get additional features through the premium subscription.


SwiftKey. Sometimes you need to type a message very quickly and you make a lot of mistakes. That is why the team of specialists designed and created a magical app to prevent such inconvenient moments. The main feature of this app is to predict your words or change your previous if they contain some issues. The application is available for iPhone users and you can get it free. In addition, you can link your main social accounts and continue to write without mistakes online. This app is very simple to use and you will see how natural language looks like.

Spotify. This application has become very famous in the world of streaming music. Its UI is very simple and you can integrate your social media accounts with the greatest song library. The Spotify mobile app has received many updates recently, which allows you to enjoy your favorite songs both offline and online. You can use the visitor center to see the top songs. However, there is an opportunity to make a payment for a monthly subscription just for $9.99. Enjoy this famous app on your newest iPhone and listen to the music whenever you want.


BlackBox. BlackBox is the unique application that can create different puzzles out of advanced sensors. You may not notice how many sensors your iPhone can have, but after you download and install this app you will see how it works. BlackBox gives you a great opportunity to solve many puzzles, including the smartest ones. This free app can offer you 50 free challenges and it is interesting to waste your time solving these puzzles. Check yourself and find out how smart you are by installing this simple app.

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IFTTT. If you do not like facing the annoying repetitive Internet tasks, then we have found a perfect app for you. Let us present you IFTTT app, which can help you make all these tasks automatically. You can customize your own applet and get all necessary information you want. For instance, you can manage to receive your favorite team’s results in few seconds and you will get it immediately for your iPhone. Any content is available for you, once you have customized your priorities through this simple and free app. Get it now and enjoy the result.


WhatsApp Messenger. The most famous messenger is definitely worth your attention. Many people around the world use WhatsApp to be in touch with their friends, and its interface or features are very simple. You can text whenever you want and attach different media files to your conversations. The most important part of using this messenger is that it’s free and you can easily download and install it on your iPhone. In addition, the development of this app make some serious steps towards the video calls and now you can see your partner.


SnapSeed. How to edit your photos with a great combination of built-in apps? The answer is behind the simple application – SnapSeed. You can use many useful features, including different filters or transformation settings. JPG files are mostly used in this app. However, you can convert them into RAW files to export later. Download this app for your iPhone and edit your photos in few simple moves. Many additional features are available for all users free. Editing is simple and you need to check it out with SnapSeed.


DuoLingo. Having some issues with a foreign language? DuoLingo is an app for you to learn fast. It offers a course of many famous languages, including many interesting articles in a simple form of a game. You can increase your language knowledge by doing different tasks. To make the whole process more existing, developers added the achievement levels. Depending on your level of foreign language, you can complete many tasks and get more difficult by the end of any course. Enjoy learning process with DuoLingo and get it for your iPhone.


RunKeeper. The best way to track your daily sports activities now is available through this simple and interesting app. RunKeeper can help you check the numbers during your cycling, running or hiking. The app can record different data: pace, distance, exercise time, calories burned and other important for your activities numbers. You can make a good plan for workout through RunKeeper and see how fast you achieve the best results. Get this free app for your iPhone and change your life today.