40 Free Apps for Your iPhone. Part 4

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There is a good way to make your iPhone useful with the best free applications. You do not need to pay, and you can use the following apps every day. Find out which applications can change your daily activity and install them immediately on the iPhone.


Google Translate. No introduction is needed. We all know how this service can help us in the tough situations. Now, you can download and install it as an app for your iPhone and do translations whenever you want. The huge numbers of supported languages are available after the recent updates. This app can be useful for travelers and business people during the foreign trips. Worth mentioning the simple interface of Google Translate’s app. Enjoy the freedom and translate your words into famous foreign languages. Available free for all iPhone users.


ESPN. Sports fans, may I have your attention? Do you like getting the recent news from NBA or NFL? Now, it can be easier through the ESPN app. Get the latest version for your iPhone, and all worldwide news, interviews, and results will be available on your display. Moreover, you can use in-app features to filter the information. Get the results of your favorite team and follow the latest rumors of Sport. Its interface is user-friendly, and you won’t face any issues by using such a simple app.


Evernote. Nowadays, it is easier to live since we have our iPhones or smartphones. They simply can be everything for us, even if you need to take a fast note. That’s why we present you a simple app to make notes whenever you need – Evernote. Many features of this app allow you take notes or photos during the important meetings, share them through social media on iPhone and print as well. You can manage your work by taking notes with this simple and useful app.


Flipboard. After you install iOS 11 for your newest iPhone, you need to fill it with some useful applications. If you want to get the latest blogs or articles on your favorite topics or follow all latest news, you may consider having Flipboard app. This app can help you to manage the above-mentioned tasks just in few minutes. You can customize the app and get a daily package of your favorite information. Get this app for your iPhone free and enjoy using it.


Facebook. Be always online and get the latest news from Facebook. Does this app require any introduction? The name of this app speaks for itself. The number of features is increasing by each update, which makes this app more comfortable for daily usage. Text or make free video calls, post your favorite photos or news. The mobile app version of the popular social media has a wide functionality, and it is free to get. Share your best moments and enjoy the freedom. Available for all smartphones and iPhones.

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Instagram. The same description as above fits this app. Do not you like Instagram? The variety of functions, including the uploading of your favorite photos, videos or thoughts becomes better with each update. The most important part of this app is synchronization with your social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook and other. You can also stream whenever you are (if there is a connection available) and let know your followers what you are up to. Get this app free and enjoy sharing your daily activities.


SoundHound. Most people probably faced the situation, when they heard a good song, but did not know its name. Now, you can track any song you want. The SoundHound application is specifically designed to satisfy you and find what you want. The built-in assistant can help you identify different songs around the world, and its database is increasing every day. Check this app out and try to find a tune, you were so desperate to google. SoundHound is available for your iPhone free. Enjoy the world of music with your digital assistant.


Twitter. To continue the topic of famous apps – we present, however, it doesn’t need any introduction, Twitter app. This application is easy to use, and the increased number of message’s symbols was recently a good move made by developers (at least, for Trump it was good news). Enjoy the world of information, post your thoughts, photos or short videos and follow your friends. Twitter is the best app for your daily activity to be shown, however, do not get so excited. This application is very simple, and it is available free for all smartphones or iPhones. Get it now.


Mint. How to manage your budget and always stay on the right balance. You may consider using the application Mint which is the perfect tool for business people to organize all financial transactions. You can build a good plan for your monthly budget and track your savings. Moreover, it can be very helpful for all people who cannot operate their money. Get this free app and finish this month with a positive balance. Available to download for all smartphones and iPhones.


Paper by Fifty Three. The initial role of this app was to create special notes and drawings. After a few updates, it became more useful, and users can enjoy the big functionality of this unique app. All content you worked with can be export into PDF or PowerPoint files, which is very comfortable nowadays for working people. This app can be useful for all people, and you can do whatever you want with built-in features of Paper. The most important fact – this application is free, and you can get it for your iPhone immediately from the App Store.