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Today’s Internet users cannot imagine their everyday life without chat channels that keep them connected to their friends, relatives, and work contacts. If you are using Facebook, Twitter, Google Chat and other apps, you may have them in one place working through a single client. Uninstall old software and get ready to upload a single client for all of your contacts in one place. Here are the best chat applications for your MacBook:


YakYak interface

YakYak is a perfect program for those users who only check their Google Talk. Mac users know that compatibility of Google Talk and Messages in MacOs is complicated. If you want to reach your friends with Google Talk only, download YakYak and you won’t regret. With the help of this client, you can send photos, create group chats, and more. Install it and make sure to become familiar with the instructions on how to do so with your MacBook. This app is not an extension for Google Chrome, so it doesn’t need this browser to actually function properly. We mean that even if you are the anti-Chrome person, you still can use it. Also, you can find it in the App Store among other clients like best Apple TV apps, cleaning tools, and so on.


Messages interface

Messages is an in-built chat client for everyone who has an iPad, MacBook or iPhone. It allows you to add texts and SMS from Windows or Android if you have enabled a function called Text Message Forwarding. You can use this one for various chat channels that use XMPP fast messaging. However, it has lost its initial appeal over the last time. This app no longer supports AOL Messenger, Facebook, and Yahoo. Also, it is not easy to make your Google Chat messages work with it.

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Adium interface

Adium is one of the most popular chat clients. It allows you to connect to Google Talk, MobileMe, Twitter, IRC, Messenger, Jabber, Bonjour, and more. This app will help you keep all of your chats in order. In addition, it has a nice interface as well as many awesome small functions, like encryption of your files transfer or ORT chats. You cannot download it from the App Store, but you can download it for free from the open source.


Trillian interface

Another free client that brings your chats in a single place is Trillian. Using this app, you can easily reach your Facebook, Google Talk, Olark, AOL Messenger, Twitter and even ICQ. Its interface looks similar to Messages. However, it offers less features and functions, unless you are a profound user. Business features are available for download for $2 per month. If you use many various chat channels in your daily life, this one will meet your needs for sure.

Maybe, you already have your favorite chat application that allows you to have your contacts all together? If so, don’t forget to share it in the comments below!