Best Shelf Apps for iOS 11 You Need to Have

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When it comes to arrangements, most people have serious problems keeping their files and documents neat and easy to find. Perhaps, they just lack the knowledge so below we will try to show you some apps that can make this sequence very easy and fast. Install new iOS 11 which neat split view has given rise to a new set or class of apps, at least shelf apps. These apps provide a shelf or junk drawer where you can drag items for temporal storage.

There are many reasons why this comes in handy. You may want to store up some files from different sources and places and after that put them in your email.  There are cases when you need some files be ready and close to hand, or you want to start a project and you need to keep all documents together. On the App Store, you’ll find shelf apps which can help you to figure this out.

Shelf apps

Shelf apps function by positioning on one side of your screen. They act as an interim counter where files are kept. This system is basically the same for all apps we have checked out with a difference in their implementation. When trying to make use of these apps, try to understand the type of files backed by them. It will do no good for me to list them here as they are constantly being updated and my list will become outdated in a few days.

If you wondering how to get files, there are three ways of doing that: links, URL, or snippet into a shelf app. The most common is the drag-and-drop principle, which happens to be the easiest of all available ways. Another method is to grab an item from the clipboard. The apps with this feature come with a button for the operation.

The third way is sharing extension. This is quite rare and can be of great help sometimes when the need arises. There are other features like multiple pages and automatic categorization.

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Best shelf apps in iOS 11

Dropped manages to be very simple yet powerful and capable to handle your file requirements. It automatically grades anything dropped in there and makes it easy for you to look at your URLs, media, texts, and files all at the same time just by clicking on the corresponding tabs. There is a default “Most Recent” which contains everything mixed together.

In the settings, you can decide the size of thumbnails you like to use; large thumbs are quite easy for reading and the preview is bold. Smaller thumbnails have the potential of fitting more on the screen and still easy to view. One nice attribute here is you can actually check some file content.

Icky name aside, Scrawl Pouch is also a very good shelf app. It delivers most of what you can get from Dropped but with the ability to rename the files. It doesn’t automatically classify documents nor has rich previews as Dropped has. There are also not many shelves there but it is still a very cool app to have.

Workshelf is another very good app, though not as pretty as Dropped, but can provide multiple workspaces. Check it out as it offers a subscription of $3 per year.

Apart from its attractive price and provision of multiple shelves, if an item is clicked you will be provided with an array of sharing choices. For example, when you drag in an image from a webpage it can be an image or it can be shown as a URL of that image. Text can be simple or rich. You also can choose which you like to share. But the preview is not as cool as I would have liked. The picture appears as a very small thumbnail, the text does not have good looks and URL appears as a shortened title and a link. I may not really admire this app but I am sure some people will find it useful.