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Filmora Video Editor (Mac)

You work with lots of videos and want to use a normal app. Most editing applications can limit your actions. Filmora Video Editor will be probably your right choice. It brings all necessary tools for video editing. You are able to convert all video formats and it is free. Filmora Video Editor has many advantages for all types of users. Try this app now and make an incredible video in few clicks.

  • All video, audio, image formats are supported by this app
  • 300+ different effects
  • Add your favorite music to video
  • OS X 10.6 or 10.12 Sierra support for Mac devices.


The next video editor is also free and it works with any Mac device. Avidemux is able to make encoding and filtering. Many other video editors simply do not support Mac system, but this one – does. You can operate with different formats, such as DVD, MPEG, AVI and other. The list of popular audio formats are also presented and supported by Avidemux. Moreover, this application is a great tool for inexperienced users. For those, who just started to work with video editing – this reviewed app is a good option. Providing many interesting tutorials, you will learn fast. Avidemux has user-friendly interface and many additional functions for editing.


Free video editing software – is something that every user is looking for. Especially, considering the fact, how many apps were designed just for Windows platform. That is why to find a free app for Macs is difficult. Blender is one of these applications. Blender has many interesting functions, such as 3D rendering, animation, shading, and modeling. It has a high-end interface, where you can find useful tools. However, for inexperienced users, the usage of Blender may be hard. Video editing functions of Blender contain many 3D features. This is the best application that you can get free for Mac system. High compatibility with Windows.


Kdenlive is an application for Mac system to work with video editing. It has many features based on MLT framework. All video formats are supported by this application and that is the very important moment for any user. You can edit videos in 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios. HD standards are also included. You are able to export videos to DV devices. By using a simple menu of the application, you can write videos on a DVD. Kdenlive is compatible with Linux. The interface is not user-friendly, that is why many users find this app difficult to use. The instructions for any action with video editing provided as well.

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Mac video editing is one of the main options, presented in JahShaka app. It has open sources, cross-platform and many free editing tools. For now, the application is going through the alpha stage and you can use real-time rendering functions by editing any video. JahShaka is perfectly compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac platforms. However, there is lack of some helpful editing features. In order to use this application properly, make sure your system is compatible with JahShaka. If so, you can enjoy hours of video editing for free.

VideoLan Movie Creator

VideoLan Organization presented their own video editing application. VideoLan Movie Creator is a good tool for users, who like to work with many high-quality videos in order to edit them. Some users reported about different issues by using this application. However, this video editor is compatible with any platform and you can use it properly. It has the easiest interface. You don’t need to be a professional to use this software in order to create video content.


iMovie is a unique video editing tool for all macOS devices. Apple presented the first version of this application in 1999. Since then, they upgraded and modified many features, so you would edit videos with many additional effects. You can work with different video formats and photos. Many users find iMovie very simple to use, even though it is not so perfect in comparison with other popular editors.

Adobe Premiere Pro

The Adobe team is very famous. One of their applications is Adobe Premiere Pro. This one was designed for professionals, who work with video content. Adobe Premiere Pro contains many interesting and helpful features for video editing on Mac system. It is very famous application among many users since you are able to work with many video and audio formats without any issues.


The last application in our list – is HyperEngine-AV video editor. It is free for Mac. You can work with many video formats and edit them by adding interesting effects and features. You are also able to write DVDs of your favorite movies. There are many quality studio effects to use for editing.