iOS 11.3 Brings Something New To The News App

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Great news! Apple decided to impress users with some incredible changes which concern the News app. We couldn`t see such cool updates over the past several years. In the iOS 11 review, we could read about such features as Top Stories and the Spotlight tab which are controlled by Apple`s editors. It is worth mentioning that notes work better in iOS 11. But iOS 11.3 won`t also leave us without useful updates.

New video sections

Now you can watch all news in short and easy to perceive and digest bites. It is much easier for a lot of people to watch big news stories than to read them. So, new video sections such as Must-See Videos and Today`s Videos were created for more comfortable watching. You will find them right under Trending Stories. It is depicted in dark grey. But if you are just not interested in these sections you can tap the Dislike button in order to hide it.

Top Stories right in front of your eyes

Now the most breaking news will be always the first thing you will see every time you access the News app. You can find the Top Stories at the top of the page in the For You tab and get the latest news that have changed the world this day.

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