iOS 11 - No More Free Apps of The Week

App Store do not give special promotions anymore

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This may sound bad, but Apple decided to turn off the special promotionFree App of the Week”. This happened after the introduction of the new App Store in iOS 11. Many users could not find giveaways, but another feature now replaces them. “App of the Day” and “Game of the Day” are now available for all users.

The special promotion was available for many years. You could get some apps for your iOS devices free. After you launched App Store, the list of free apps was there. After the downloading process, any app could be re-downloaded again any time.

The release of iOS 11 gives App Store a completely new look. Many interesting features were designed in order to find new apps or games. However, the “Free App of the Week” feature is a history now.

The re-designed version of App Store does not have free giveaways anymore. It’s been only three weeks since iOS 11 was presented by Apple. The special promotion feature can be returned later, but there were no clear statements. Along with giveaways, iOS 11 has no 3D Touch gesture as well. That one was used by users to access recent apps.

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