New Features of Notes App in iOS 11

The Piece of Paper in the Virtual World. New Features for Notes App by iOS 11

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No more issues with formatting your Notes app. The iOS 11 can give more features for this application. The special update was released in order to prevent many troubles. Among the mentioned issues, sometimes people had to boot up a desktop because they were not able to switch a note to a monospaced font or simply to add a table. Moreover, you can do everything you want in the Notes app, on your iPhone or iPad.

iOS 11 is a huge update and it brought many changes to different apps. Notes are one of those. You can see how the newest set of helpful tools. The “plus” icon is replacing the old camera. You can add a sketch in any possible way, by creating the canvas or attaching your drawings to the note; scan&save option is added to the app.

Before and after: the text options have gotten better in iOS 11
Before and after: the text options have gotten better in iOS 11

Notes app = Mac

The newest update for Notes is still a checkmark icon. Like before, you can add a checklist and formatting process is available through the Aa text button.

The screenshots above can show how to make the next monospaced. Sure, you are still able to use options underlined, italic, strikethrough or bold. Many additional options are presented in this update. You can make lists or indent any text.

The Notes app looks better than the previous iOS version. However, it did get massive changes. More likely, it was developed to give users more options and features. Notes and your Apple Pencil have a great compatibility now. Enjoy it!

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