How to Clean Up Mac Hard Drive: Simple Steps to Take

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Despite all MacBook differences, with time they all can have the same problem: full hard drive. One of the reasons why Mac can become quite slow and sluggish is the place on the hard disk, which is already filled with unused files and applications. When it happens, it is necessary that your Mac’s hard drive is being cleaned in order to improve its performance. Other relevant files will also receive additional space. So, how to clear Mac hard drive? Learn few simple steps.

Empty Trash

This is one of the simplest things that must be taken into account by all Mac users who want to clean out hard drive. It undoubtedly will help to get more disk space in case the Trash is cleaned up more often. If you doubt what files you need to send to the Trash, but still want to clean your Mac hard drive, just remember to delete at least some of them. It’s not quite efficient to keep the files accumulating in the Trash can.

Deleting Applications

Within any MacBook Pro or another model, Mac OS is delivered with the applications and folders, like Microsoft Office, FileMaker, iMovie, and others. Some of them are really unnecessary. As a consequence, it is better to remove some of them in order to make space on hard drive mac for other weighty applications. You can make this by opening the application folder and dragging all unused applications to the trash. Do not forget to empty the folder after this.

Deleting the Cache Files

Web browsers generally save files and downloaded pages in the cache folder. It has the ability to be very helpful because a user, as a result, can reuse these files again, in case he/she wants to rediscover these websites. However, these cache files still absorb a great amount of disk space with the flow of time. For a user, it is elementary to delete cache on Mac and free up some space in order to improve the overall performance.

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Use External Devices

Literally, you need to send all kinds of files that you do not need to the external devices, such as a CD or DVD if you indeed cannot delete them right away. You will also be able to run some third-party applications like MacFly Pro that will tell you which files occupy a huge amount of your hard disk space. So, you will know what you need to delete or save for a future use.

Use Utilities and Third-Party Apps

There are a lot of utilities that will allow getting your Mac cleaned up. They can effectively protect Mac and clean hard drive space. The one that I use by myself is MacFly Pro as it has a great amount of in-built functions dealing with system caches, log files, unwanted files, and other short-term files.

To my mind, addressing for support to third-party applications will certainly help get more free hard disk space and make a better system in several minutes.

E-mail Files

You can archive all of your own e-mail files in order to get some free disk space for your Mac and other incoming e-mail files.

Language Packs and Localization

You can send to the Trash some language packs that you really do not need. By doing this, you also get additional space for your own hard drive.


Take into account all these tips on how to clear a place on a Mac hard drive, and it will be able to start performing faster. As soon as you finish the process on your Mac, you will notice, in fact, that your system will own more space for the weighty files.