How to Get Rid of Companies on Your Facebook

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These days Facebook is listed as a top company which received access to your profile and personal info. But how can companies receive this access and not  use external devices, just spamming you with numerous ads? It is done very easily: for instance, recently you have taken part in a quiz and answered random questions about stars and planets.

Next day you start seeing ads of similar content because when taking a quiz you automatically allowed the company which organized it access to your profile and personal info. And even if you did it twenty years ago, there is still free access to your data. Or another scenario: it is convenient to log in to websites using your Facebook account – no passwords, no new accounts, everything is simple.

But, this website receives your personal info and can use it in any way. That is annoying, right? You would be happy to know that you can easily get rid of all this spam and keep your data private.

No access, not anymore

Facebook knows everything about you: your relationship status, your interests, leanings, friends and much more. All this data is available for social media on iPhone you have given access to, even if you forgot about it. You have probably heard about Cambridge Analytica scandal, right? After that, Facebook promised its users to show what apps are connected to their profiles and control of what information they can operate.

If you want to check what apps have access to your data, do the following:

  1. Open your iPhone app and press the icon “hamburger” in the bottom
  2. Scroll down and press Settings & Privacy > Account Settings
  3. Press the Apps and choose Logged in with Facebook.

Here you have the full list and you may be surprised how many of them there are.

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How to deny access

If you want to prevent these companies or apps from getting access to your Facebook account, you can just press the button next to its name and press Remove button. However, there is no Delete All option as Facebook cares so that you do not throw out good apps with bad ones. When removing, Facebook offers you to delete all photos, videos and posts of these websites and apps which were published on your behalf.

For the future, just remember that removing access does not delete your info from the base of these companies because they have already downloaded it. It just does not let them get it again, so next time you do a quiz or connect via Facebook to a website, keep in mind that you are giving them access to all your info and may be spammed.