How to Make Your Mac Better: Few Popular Ways

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This is a very annoying thing when you notice how slow your Mac starts to work. There are some reasons behind this. In order to fix this issue, read this small guide and find your solution.

Mostly, Mac users do not know how to clean their favorite devices. As a result, the hard drive is full of unnecessary files and your laptop’s performance becomes unstable. You can clean your MacBook manually, but sometimes it takes too much time and can lead to bad consequences. In order to prevent such situation, we would suggest taking a look at MacFly Pro. This simple application has enough features to fight with different issues. Three main modules are combined together: Smart Assistant, Tools and Cleanup can scan your whole Mac system, find all junk files and remove them in few clicks. This app can also suggest few tips to make Mac’s performance faster and better.

First step how clean my mac

The important step to keep your Macbook performance well is a software update. The latest update helps your system to work better and avoid any issues. How to get information about updates? That is easy. Apple can release updates monthly, in order to check them you have to do the following: tap the apple icon > About this mac > Overview > Software Update. If you see the message “An update is available” click on it to download.

Delete needless apps

One of the most important steps in this small “how clean my mac” guide is deleting unused apps. Many users do not pay attention to the fact that there are many installed apps that they simply don’t use. Even being unused, they consume your system resources and disk space. So, it is a good time to get rid of them. To check the full list of your installed apps, open the Applications folder. There, you can find the size of apps and delete them. The deleting process is simple: drag and drop the unused apps to your Trash Can.

Startup items management

The next factor you cannot just ignore. By installing apps, most users do not think how they perform in the background. Many apps can be in a startup list by default. What does that mean? When your Mac boots up they are also running automatically. This is the reason why your MacBook might work slow. There is a simple way to fix it. You can go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > User and Groups in order to manage this list. To remove the app from startup, click on the minus icon. There you go! After a reboot, you can see how fast Mac is responding now.

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How to remove duplicates, downloads and other files

A helpful tip for inexperienced users. You can get useful suggestions about junk files in your system. Mac OS X system can guide you through this.

You need to know how many duplicates or downloads your system may contain. Just follow these useful tips: Apple menu > About This Mac > Storage > Manage > Recommendations. Once you enabled this function, you can see the whole picture. After that, you are able to delete these junk files in few ways.

  • iCloud Store. Tap on this option to proceed a transfer of all your data to the iCloud account.
  • Storage optimization. This option works well with the multimedia content. Once you clicked on the <optimize> button, your Mac will automatically remove all watched content to save up free space.
  • Empty Trash Automatically. If you always forget to clean your trashcan, enable this function.
  • Reduce Clutter. These options can help you to sort different files that are stored on your Mac.

If you feel like these mentioned ways are difficult, consider using a MacFly Pro application. Just in few clicks, you can find all duplicates or junk files and remove them.

Your Activity Monitor

In our small “how clean my mac” guide we reached the final stage. This one goes to the usage of Activity Monitor. Through this helpful utility, you can check the number of resources used by apps. Go to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor. Check out what is consuming your RAM the most.

If you have read this guide very carefully, you can fix the problem. Moreover, you can share your knowledge in order to help your friends. This useful information can help you to avoid many bad situations. If you do not like the manual ways, just use MacFly Pro. It will do a job for you just in few minutes.