How to Manage Screenshot Shortcuts Behavior on macOS

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Make Mac better with the quick ways you can use to take full or partial screenshots on your Mac. The easiest will be to use this option in the menu (File). You can also go to Utilities and use the special app. However, the most common way, in this case, is the key combinations such as Shift-Command-3 to have the screenshot of the whole screen and Shift-Command-4 for selecting a particular piece of it. Hitting the Control key will copy the images to the clipboard which can be useful if you want to edit it. Otherwise, they are sent right to the desktop.

How to Change the Format

Need a certain format to send the screenshot? Not a problem!

  1. Click on the Terminal app (for that go to Apps > Utilities).
  2. If you prefer another format of screenshots, you can switch to any of these ones (JPG, PDF, GIF, PNG etc).
  3. Fill in the defaults write type command and then click space. After this is done, type the suffix of the relevant format.
  4. Hit
  5. Check whether the command was applied taking a screenshot and if the image is still saved not in the preferred format, restart your Mac or type the Terminal command killall SystemUIServer and then hit Enter.

Bonus: Lucky to have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar or deciding which Mac to buy? Then you may include a Screenshot button with preferred options. Click on System Preferences > Keyboard > Customize Control Strip.

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