Methods of Wireless Recording of Apple TV on Your Mac

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Just the idea of recording Apple TV provokes some associations with wires and extra efforts. It seems to bring too many additional activities and is often considered too difficult. We want to reassure you that assumptions of such kind are totally mistaken and we are going to tell you about this wireless technology.

It appears that watching TV and its simultaneous recording from the screen is not so difficult and effort-taking. Besides, it does not require any third-party software. You can simply watch or play your Apple TV apps and use the built-in Mac features for its recording. And now we will follow the corresponding instructions.

To record the film or TV show that you are watching on Apple TV wirelessly, one should opt for the most convenient and usable feature, which is represented by the Apple’s QuickTime application. This app offers a Movie recording option and moreover has a lot of other awesome features. Thus, it can record connected devices (wired or wireless) and catch the screen of your iPhone or iPad is quite simple with this app.

Recording Apple TV by means of QuickTime

The procedure of app using is quite simple and user-friendly:

  1. Find the QuickTime app in the Application
  2. Start the app.
  3. Select File from the toolbar and them opt for New movie recording.
  4. View available sources for recording by clicking an arrow (near the red record button).

You will see the Apple TV there and all connected cameras (e.g. iPhone). When you opt for the Apple TV, you will see it displayed on the screen of your Mac. Click the Record button to start recording.

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As you see this easy method can provide you with desired records of favorite video content. You may deal with your necessary activities and make a break in watching TV whenever you want and see the records of favorites at the suitable time.

Besides, this app provides you not only with the opportunity of recording. It transmits Apple TV on the screen of your Mac and you can simply watch it from there. It is quite handy. Indulge yourself with the numerous features and use them for making your experience with Mac more effective and interesting.