What is Siri and What Do You Need it For?

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Siri is a virtual assistant with a voice-controlled natural language interface that helps iOS users perform their everyday personal tasks with the use of contextual awareness and sequential inference. The more you use Siri, the better it knows what you need in some particular moments. Talking to Siri is an easier and faster way to get your things done. Just imagine that you can easily send iMessages to your friends via AirPods, with your iPhone in the pocket. It is extremely convenient.

How to teach Siri to pronounce a name properly?

In spite of many advantages, Siri has some minor flaws. It can be quite irritating when it just can`t pronounce names of your contacts correctly. Fortunately, there is an effective solution – teaching Siri to pronounce names. First of all, say to Siri, “Let me teach you how to pronounce ‘smb`s’ name.” If you have added this name to your contacts, Siri will know who you mean. Siri will tell that it hasn`t recognized the name and will ask you to teach her how to pronounce it in the way that you want. Then, agree and say the name.

(Siri will easily teach you how to teach her)
Siri will easily teach you how to teach her


Then, you will see a column of all possible pronunciations based on what you have just said. In order to preview them you have to tap the little ‘play icon’. Tap ‘Select’ if you have chosen the appropriate variant. If there is something wrong and Siri still hasn`t got the name right, you can repeat the whole process again. Siri can also ask you to clarify the surname.

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(You will know exactly what to do on every stage of the teaching process)
You will know exactly what to do on every stage of the teaching process

Do we have to give Siri another chance?

Siri`s skills are improving all the time. Unfortunately, many of us just do not know about it. You can ask Siri to play a song you would like to listen to, transfer money from your checking to your saving, Skype your mum, get your call history, ask about next meetings, ask directions, open mail, and a lot of other things. There is almost no limit to Siri`s possibilities. Just learn how to use it to the full.