Save Your Mac Screenshots in iCloud Automatically

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Making screen captures on Mac is very optimized and automatic. You just make one and it is automatically saved in the PNG format. But what if every day you make dozens of screenshots? What if you require another format for their storage? It is not always convenient to store all of them on your desktop since they slow Mac and make your work not very convenient.

Today we are going to inform you about easy methods that enable to change default location of files while making screenshots. No doubt that one of the most suitable locations for screenshots storing, for sure, is the iCloud. The setting of iCloud as a default location is quite simple and can be executed by means of following the next steps.

STEP 1: Navigate to the Applications folder and find Utilities and select it.

STEP 2: Start the app, called Terminal

STEP 3: In the window of the application enter the following fragment of code defaults write location

STEP 4: Now you need to specify the path of the location for default downloading of your screenshots. To do this, you need to drag this folder to the window of the opened application.

STEP 5: Select Return

That’s all. After these operations, your screenshots will be dropped to the specified folder. Besides, you need to remember that in such a way you can select any folder for storage. It is very convenient and easy. Moreover, you can easily return to storing this kind of files on the desktop anytime. Use the following command for this: defaults write location ~/Desktop. Use our tips and enjoy all features that are available on your Mac.

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