Take Care of Your Apple ID: How to Stop Hackers

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Here are some bad news: it is a real fact that iPhone scammers are constantly selling Apple IDs for around $15 each. Yeah, some random people have literally estimated your personal information. Of course, it may cost YOU some more than that because these thieves potentially may use your name for creating other accounts. There is no need to say that it is essentially important to take all measures to avoid this situation.

  1. Spot the attempts
  2. Two steps of verification
  3. Use password manager

How to Notice Hacker Attempts

Have you ever thought about how the hackers are able to steal your ID? Believe us or not, some users hand this info over very easily falling for phishing (email that sent from Apple but obviously it is not). This fake Apple letter seems pretty much like other messages you received from Apple and collects the personal info. It looks like that: first, the email says that your Apple account was compromised and all you need to do is to click on the link to change your password.

Of course, logo and message structure seems familiar and you do that without hesitation. That is the easiest and the most foolish way the hackers can get your ID. If the thieves feel really bold, they may also ask you for social security number. Our simple advice will be to never click on the email link which is supposed to take you to your account page. Instead, just open your browser and sign in directly.

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Two-Step Verification

Here is a possible scenario: a hacker buys your stolen ID and then tries to control your account and change the associated email and password. If it happens, you fucked up. However, you can prevent it by setting up two-step verification. In that case, it will be much more difficult for hackers to make their changes because they cannot do anything not knowing the verification code as it is delivered to your 6.1 inch iPhone (hopefully, not stolen).

Such extra level of protection also involves extra hassle because now you will need to spend extra time to get access to your account. However, it is a really small price for your personal information security.

Password manager use

It is too obvious but still: if you do not use a password manager, you are handing your personal info over to your thieves that can ruin your life. Your self-made passwords are probably the same and used for Amazon, Apple, your credit card, bank etc because it would be challenging to manage all of them with different passwords. A password manager solves this problem and creates long difficult passwords. Making just a few changes will help you secure your Apple ID and avoid hacker attacks easily.

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