Transferring Data to Your New iPad: Fast and Safe

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Are you a proud owner of a new iPod? Congrats! Buying the gadget, you probably have a need for transferring all data from your previous device to the new one. There are a couple of simple options you can use to get it done like such types of storage location as iTunes, iCloud or Automatic Setup. Let’s consider each of them more detailed.

iTunes Transfer

Just like in case with iPhone, you can transfer files via iTunes backing up your old iPad and restoring that backup on your new device. So here is what you should do:

  1. Make the connection from your old iPad to your PC or Mac;
  2. Open iTunes, tap on iPad icon and Back Up Now and then wait until it is completed;
  3. Break connection with the device and re-connect your new iPad to the same PC or Mac;
  4. Tap on iPad icon and Restore from this backup the files you want to use;
  5. Press continue and wait, it can take some time;
  6. Press to continue with your new iPad
  7. Done!

After that, you should follow the instructions on your new iPad to complete setting it up.

iCloud Transfer

Using iCloud to back up files from iPad you can do the transfer wirelessly. But before that, you need to trigger the last manual backup on your old device to ensure you have everything up-to-date. So here is what you should do:

  1. On your old iPad open settings and tap the Apple ID banner
  2. Open iCloud and then – iCloud backup
  3. Tap the option Back Up Now

Notice that before you start work with your new iPad, make sure you restored the backup from your old device. Just press button Home on your new iPad and then start the setup process. Everything is easy – follow the instructions and complete initial setup.

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Automatic Setup

If you want to use the automatic setup for your Windows or OS X, choose the date of your most recent backup and tap Restore from (date of the most recent backup) Backup. Then tap agree and complete setting up your new device with Siri settings, app analytics, location and Apple Pay. Now your iPad will restore from iCloud backup which could take some time. Now you are fine with enjoying your purchase! Good luck!