Apple Has Intentions to Add a Triple-Lens Rear Camera Sensor

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Recently, the Economic Daily News has reported that in the fall of 2019 we will be able to become the owners of the larger iPhone X that has triple-lens rear camera. But why stop at this number? We didn`t believe this information but after making sure that this year`s iPhone hardware is going to be strong enough, we realized that it is quite uneasy to predict what will be next.

According to the Taipei Times report, Apple is likely to produce a new iPhone model with a triple-lens rear camera. Huawei`s P20 smartphone already has three rear-facing cameras. Largan, a major supplier of camera lens modules for smartphones, will sell more cameras if other manufacturers will follow this trend. However, it may be quite possible that the Taipei Times just echoes the rumors reported by the Economic Daily News.

Apple is extremely proud that it has managed to produce iPhone that has the best camera among other phones and 6.1 inch iPhone display. iPhone will be definitely better if a third camera will be added.

But we can`t be 100% sure that Apple`s plans for 2019 will be translated into reality. If Apple manages to produce a high-quality camera without additional expensive hardware, 2019 iPhone will be definitely the most popular on the market. The improved image processing can make a single-lens camera one of the best. And Pixel 2 XL is a wonderful example of it.

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