iOS 13 Promises to Bring Something New to iPad Users

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iOS 12 is not too remote but it seems that iPad users are looking much further than this. Right now, they are waiting for the new iPad features that are expected to appear in 2019. The most expected feature is the opportunity to open several windows from the same app at the same time next to each other. This is the information that can be found on the Twitter page of Mark Gurman, an award-winning journalist from Bloomberg Company. However, you can notice that his list of iOS features doesn`t show anything new. Maybe Gurman is just repeating all rumors that concern iOS 13 update.

It is said that there could be the introduction of Apple Pencil 2. But it is one of the dark secrets what changes this active pen will exactly face. And furthermore, a home screen redesign in Yukon is also on the docket. But still, we don`t know what it will include.

The next feature was supposed to come to light this year but just has been postponed. It is the unification of mobile operating system`s APIs and Apple`s desktop. It means that a developer will have the opportunity to create an application that could run on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

iPad users are constantly complaining about that fact that they should wait for a long period of time to take advantage of the new features and improvements. But you should understand that Apple has, let`s call it, a strategy when it comes to the process of updating iOS. One year it devotes its efforts to iPhone and the next year- to iPad. The new iOS 11.2.5 update was focused mainly on iPads. This year iOS 12 will bring us iPhone enhancements and improvements.

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Nonetheless, some oft-requested features such as support for mice and touchpads were not taken into the consideration.