Apple’s Super-Sized iPhone X May Come in Gold This Fall

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Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is ready to present three new iPhone models in September. The first one is an upgraded iPhone X, the second one is a larger version of the iPhone X and the last one is the affordable iPhone that will include an LCD display. These models mark the end to Touch authentication and use Face ID.

According to Bloomberg’s article mentioned before, a larger iPhone X will have screen measures that reach 6.5 inches (for comparison, the current one has 5.8 inches). Today, Apple is testing new resolution for the new screen that reaches 2688×1242.

The larger version of iPhone will include previous core design details as they were in the last year’s hardware, like OLED screen and steel sides. Also, Apple is going to make these models really stylish and release them in a gold color in addition to white + silver and black ones. Apple planned to release gold iPhone models the previous time, but this idea has been cancelled due to the technical problems.

The model that features an LCD screen will be similar to the iPhone X, however, instead of the Touch identification system, this one will use Face identification. However, a steel frame will be replaced by the aluminum one. As for the prices, they are expected to be relatively acceptable comparing to the iPhone X’s starting rate- $700 and $800. The display size is expected to be a 6.1-inch iPhone.

Apple continues experimenting and currently explores the idea of adding a double SIM card to a larger iPhone X. Some experts predict that this idea won’t bring success to Apple. Cellphones that use double SIM cards not only work slower but also have no chances for future development. Instead, modern eSIM technology allows devices to connect to the informational networks without a necessity to insert a traditional SIM card.

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