The List of the Most Awesome Ideas in this Week`s Crowdfund Roundup

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Whether you are at home, in the office, or on the go, new technological devices can make your life easier and introduce great advantages into your day. It`s high time to check out some of these new great technological finds.

1. Organize your mobile life with Freecube

With the use of this modular tech command center, you will be able to make your mobile life more organized. You will have the opportunity to upgrade and customize Freecube as you want in order to suit your daily technological needs. Users can easily form the smart hub consisting of up to six modules such as a Bluetooth speaker, USB and power outlets, dynamic LED lighting, and a wireless charging pad. You can choose among different configurations out of the box. Save money, space, and organize the mobile lifestyle at the office or at home in a proper way.

2. Plunge into the world of the immerse virtual reality with Pimax

If you want to forget that you are using the virtual reality, then the world`s first 8K VR headset Pimax is at your disposal. With Pimax you will get a great display with indistinguishable pixels and high-quality sound. It is a perfect solution for such problems as motion sickness and screen door effect. However, you should have a computer, which is capable of playing the virtual reality content if you want to use Pimax 8K.

3. Build fluency in any language with Fluent Forever

With the use of the Fluent Forever app, you will be able to learn how to think in any language. If you want to speak a language fluently, it is not effective to cram words. This app will help you learn pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar in an interesting way. Flashcards will help you memorize the most important material. You can choose among different European and oriental languages.

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4. Make your cycling simpler and safer with See.Sense Ace

See.Sense Ace is a smart bike light, which has a 125-lumen bulb at the back and a 150-lumen bulb at the front. It definitely makes the visibility better when you really need it. Moreover, it has ten hours of run time in between charges and artificial intelligence that reacts to every single moment while you are on the road. See.Sense Ace supports custom flash patterns and provides theft alerts and cycling stats when connected to your smartphone. See.Sense Ace is a perfect combination of the elegant cyclist-led design and the latest AI technology that is able to make your ride safer.

5. Eoz Air – incredibly durable wireless earphones

Eoz Air is definitely a great solution if you are looking for a decent pair of wireless earphones. It is comfortable to wear and use them due to Bluetooth 5.0, instant pairing, and high-resolution audio. What is more, its batteries last up to 52 hours in between charges and its charging case offers 48 additional hours. You can choose a color that matches your iPhone perfectly.