Don’t Fall for Free iPhone Scams on Social Media

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iPhone has been a major player in the phone business and as you know shortly after the release of the iPhone 8, the iPhone X was also launched. Now both of these series do not come cheap. The former will require at least $699 and the later is starting at $999. Now you see why some users or potential users complain about the high cost even when they do appreciate what the iPhones new releases have to offer.

Scammers have seized the opportunity to cash in. They come up with the special promotion and promises of giving out free iPhones after you sign into their page and complete some tasks. They create these ads on Facebook and Instagram and, believe me, the offers are very tempting. The very first thing you must know is that every scammer will always want to play with your little greed or desire. So you have to be on the lookout for these too good to be true offers. We all certainly want cheap or free items and most especially if you are an iPhone lover and probably using a lower series it can be very easy to fall into some of these scams that store the whole Internet right now.

Scammers operate through the very well-known social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram. The new web users will be certainly easy to convince without knowing they are in for a very bitter experience. There have been over 530 fraudulent social accounts across different platforms as shown by ZeroFox research. Most with the promises to “giveaway” brand new series of iPhone. Beware they are just scams and do not say you have not been warned. Some of these fraudulent accounts just want exposure and they use a practice called “fame farming”. What they do is use your desire to get the latest iPhone to persuade you to like their page and invite your friends and family to do the same.

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Some even go further to add malicious malware that could fish out your personal data from every social network you use on the Internet. You will see forms provided by these so-called bonanza websites asking you for your address and personal details. Some will come in the form of Surveys with direct links embedded in them. These links are there to get your login details like emails and so on. Imagine the harm they can do when they have a login to services where you receive private information like your bank alerts and credit updates.

As mentioned above, there is no limit to what these scammers can do trying to make you believe they have employed the use of the Apple logo or any other known brands. They use words like “official” just to convince you they are original websites. One thing you must know for sure is that you will never get that free iPhone they are promising you. Always be on the lookout for any site without the blue checkmark. If you do not see it please do not click on any link or do not provide any personal details on such sites as definitely it’s a scam.

How to identify iPhone scams

ZeroFox has provided some number of ways to be able to identify these scams. Do not ever trust sites that impersonate big brands, or have download links to the apps they promote. Always keep your personal information safe and secret. When a site does not have SSL or TSL certificate do not ever give out your personal information to it.

Another important thing you need is to make sure you have a good antivirus and always keep your antivirus software updated. Use the two-factor authentications available now to keep your data safe. This will prevent anyone from being able to login into your accounts even if they somehow have stolen your account details.