Should the Anti-Abortion App Really Be Banned?

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Abortion in the United States remains a controversial issue and one of the most important social problems. Recently, a lot of anti-abortion groups and organizations have been created in order to prevent women from doing the medical abortions, provide more support for young women, their childbearing and pregnancies. It is obvious that if this problem isn`t resolved it can have some serious consequences for society.

That`s why the well-known anti-abortion group Human Coalition decided to create an app that would help people reconsider this problem and do something to make the situation better. A “Prayer Feed” is one of the most useful features of this Human Coalition app. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to see a real-time map of the USA and pray for the life of the preborn children in the families that are abortion-determined. You can join people in prayer and make some difference in such a way. Just imagine how many lives you can save!

(Just pray in real time and make the abortion-determined women change their mind)
Just pray in real time and make the abortion-determined women change their mind

However, the functioning of this app is under threat. The president of Human Coalition, Brian Fisher, told that there are a lot of Americans, who oppose the fatal discrimination against preborn children. Unfortunately, the number of people, who have quite a different opinion, is also very high. After numerous complaints against this app, Apple decided to ban it that was a deep disappointment for all the members of Human Coalition. It comes under fire for such move.

According to the statement of Human Coalition, Apple claimed that the app was removed due to some functionality problems. But, as it turned out, this app functioned even better than similar ones from other developers. Only the complaints from ‘left-wing bloggers” caused such unpleasant situation. The Human Coalition app is still available in the Google Play Store that means that the anti-abortion group keeps pushing forward and provides compassionate care to women and their future children in spite of all these challenges.

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Why do Apple developers face such problems?

Since launching the App Store in 2008, Apple has been criticized from time to time for its inconsistent approach to banning apps. The real problem is that there are no strict rules that could determine which apps are exactly permissible in the App Store. After a Siri-related issue in 2011, Apple faced some problems with pro-abortion activists. When users asked Siri to show where they can get abortion services, they were directed toward adoption centers instead. In 2016, Apple was forced to change such function.