AirPods a Year Later: Main Changes

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One year later Apple AirPods for iOS 11.2.5 can still be a good try to bring us brighter and better wireless future. They will be a perfect match for people who like stylish look, as the main their advantages are:

  • wireless technology cutting-edge;
  • long battery life;
  • noise-canceling mics;
  • powerful voice control.

However, if you are the person who wants very low price, physical controls, the presence of wired option and noise-canceling speakers – Apple AirPods are not for you. The lack of wires is their greatest advantage: it makes an incredible feeling of comfort and how well they stay in-ear. In general, Apple aimed to push wireless headphones as far as it could and the company succeeded.

The Case

The device usually comes with a case and when it is flipped open, you can see the light between the AirPods. The color is green when it’s charged and orange when it needs a top-off. There is also a button on the back so when needed you can pair or re-pair the AirPods. The initial setup on your phone can be done without it. Due to pod shape, the case is pretty easy to fit into the pocket. It is plastic so you can easily scratch it with sharp objects or when dropping. However, it is just the case so you should not worry a lot.


However, everybody knows that the main secret of AirPods is not in the look but in the way they work. One of the improvements is Bluetooth which is now working better. You just need to bring them close to your phone and tap the connect button. The same is with Apple Watch, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and other iPhones – everything is easier than ever. It was done with the W1 chip inside of each pair making them a mini computer. This chip became the first wireless one Apple created.

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Quality and Work

Unfortunately, AirPods are not noise-canceling which is not great for going out and airplane flights. But they are loud enough to hear podcasts, music, and audiobooks even on the street. The panel shows the individual charge levels of earbuds and case and they are always charged fully. Do not forget about Siri: the device is linked directly to Apple’s personal voice assistant and you can trigger it tapping twice. It is the primary way you interact with the AirPods because there are no buttons (but you can change it in the settings if you want).

You can speak not very loud and Siri will still understand your commands. AirPods switch between the mics automatically and you may force them to use only one in settings if needed. You can still control what is going on from your Watch or iPhone. You can take calls as well: just double tap one of the pods if you want to answer or in order to hang up if you are already speaking. Of course, it is not comfortable to ask Siri each time you want to change a song or make it louder. But now you can just tap twice and let Siri do the rest with new apps.

Summing Up

AirPods demonstrate elegance and freedom and seem to be really revolutionary. Now we live in the age of AR (augmented reality) so while video attracts attention, audio is still very important. The price of $159 just for the sound performance could be a bit expensive, but you need to remember that you are paying for sensors, high sound quality, and wireless chipset.