AppleCare + Advantages for Your MacBook or MacBook Pro

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There are hundreds of pros and cons when you think about buying AppleCare +. It seems that it does not cost a lot of money, but it is still worth analyzing whether the purchase is reasonable. You hesitate whether the coverage of the standard Apple’s warranty is enough for your device or you need to upgrade to the next level. All these considerations and doubts are quite understandable and today we will help you understand what will be right and suitable for you.

What Does the Standard Apple Warranty Cover?

The standard warranty, which is available in every MacBook or MacBook Pro, includes hardware guarantee for the period of one year together with a technical support for the period of 90 days. If some of the built-in software does not work properly or faces some issues, they will be fixed. These can include standard build in programs, for example, those, which are used for cleaning operations. Besides, if your mouse, battery or hard drive fails to work not because of the incorrect treatment or, for example, you want to replace the cooler to keep MacBook from overheating, they will be replaced by Apple. As you see, during the first months of work you have a great package of guarantees.

What Do You Get with the AppleCare+?

AppleCare+ offers you complete hardware guarantee and technical support for the period of three years. Also with AppleCare+ you get coverage in case of two accidental damages. If you drop the device and crack its screen or make any other similar damage, Apple will pay you from $99 up to $299 depending on the category of damage.

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How Much Will You Pay for the AppleCare+?

The price for the AppleCare+ depends on the device, for which you buy it, and the model of the device also matters. Thus, for 13-inch MacBook Pro, you will need to pay $268, for 13-inch MacBook Pro (with Touch Bar) be ready to spend $269 and owners of the 15-inch MacBook Pro can purchase AppleCare+ for $379.

Who Definitely Needs AppleCare+?

If you need an extra safety or help with your MacBook or MacBook Pro, you should definitely opt for AppleCare+. Moreover, if you have already faced some unexpected accidents with your devices and you know that it is a common thing for you, AppleCare will ensure some coverage in these cases as extra safety can be hardly overestimated.