Learn some Touch Gestures You Can Use with HomePod

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There is a surely amazing thing about the HomePod – you can use Siri skills to control it. When you have your favorite song on and your neighbors are fiercely pounding on the walls, Siri still hears you due to the mic’s ability to ignore the speakers’ sound. On the other hand, the touch is always faster than your voice and a quick gesture might be a better way to solve the problem.

How to control your HomePod with tapping?

HomePod’s top

Tapping the top of the speaker is the fastest way to control your HomePod manually. It works the same as squeezing EarPods’ inline remote or tapping AirPods. Here are some brief and simple instructions:

  • One tap – Play/Pause
  • Double tap – Play the next song
  • Triple tap – Play the previous song
  • Touch and hold – invoke Siri
  • Tap or hold “+” – More volume
  • Tap or hold “-” – Less volume

Buttons “-” and “+” are glowing on the top of your device every time you use it. Also, when you evoke Siri with a touch, a wave emerges and glows on the top panel.

HomePod’s filling

There is an in-built A8 chip inside of the HomePod. iPhone 6, which is still a pretty powerful and fast device for everyday use, featured the same processor in 2014. This processor makes HomePod such fancy and functional device, including the ability to hear your normal voice when the music is playing loudly.

HomePod is a product of a company that actually makes computers, therefore there are much more inside it in addition to the wireless charging system and Siri. Therefore, HomePod is a half-computer and half-speaker, since its processor takes care of additional functions such as monitoring the music while it plays. This turns HomePod into a device suitable even for the most inveterate music lovers.

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Apple is actually famous for such decisions. Let us remember iPhone’s camera that features a lens and a sensor into a shallow space. However, a lack of space is nothing when it comes to iPhone’s powerful filling. Due to the processor, iPhone’s camera can compete with bigger cameras and allows doing things that no other device can. For instance, 3D processing in Portrait Lighting allows re-lighting the scene and making fancy photos due to the combination of a computer-like processor and the camera itself.

Why HomePod is such a success?

There are rumors that Siri is not as smart as Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, therefore, HomePod will fail very soon. However, we have the same dull version of Siri inside the iPhone and it works fine. The best features of the HomePod are:

  • Great sound
  • Small size (only 7 inches high)
  • Beautiful design

Thus, we believe that it’s okay if Siri is not so great. Most people will spend $50 for an Echo, but those who are looking for a small and cute speaker that can perform high-grade work will not be stingy to pay $350.