The Endless Battle of the Best Trends: Mac or PC What To Choose

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There is always a conflict between users when they try to underline that their choice is better than the others. The similar oppositions are well known and can be seen with iOS and Android, FIFA and PES, Nikon and Canon and many other brands. However, the bigger issue comes with the next one, regarding purchasing Mac or PC. You want to choose the best platform. In this case, it is hard to give advice, since there are many points of view.

The hardware factor

The hardware question is certainly important. Many people would say that Apple has more advantages, but it is not easy to support this statement. In terms of hardware design, Apple really offers a good alternative for many users who won’t deal with PC boxes. After they presented innovative designs by releasing MacBook or MacBook Pro, many people supported and bought their products.

However, the modern style of the fast machines did not get any updates for many years, and nowadays it does not look great.

On the other hand, the ultra-slim design of MacBook still impresses some users. There were few things, for example, a low profile keyboard, that has divided the world community into two camps.

In order to make their products more attractive, Apple promised to update Macs by releasing some new models.

At the same time, PCs are ready to go through another technology revolution. In this case, the Windows 8 was more likely a decisive factor for developers to create new updated machines. In this field of industry, Microsoft and Apple are main actors. The development of new models inspired other famous brands to take a step into this market war. For example, Microsoft presented the Surface Pro 4, and HP surprised their users with Spectre 13.

The variety of Windows devices for users is huge. You are able to choose laptop or desktop (with the touchscreen feature), gaming or home device. Moreover, there is an option to turn your Windows phone into a PC by plugging in different things. The platform can offer you different devices at any price range. For example, you are able to buy HP’s Stream laptop for $199 – it is useful and cheap.

The variety of software

If Apple products cannot completely compete with Windows in terms of hardware, they still have areas to show their true dominance. This one goes to software. Many people would agree on the fact that Mac can contain more useful applications for any user than any premium laptop with Windows platform. Here, Apple can do serious damage to Windows, since they do offer their users full versions of any application. For those who work with multimedia content, Apple products seem to be more productive. If you have to fill your Windows laptop with various applications, Mac’s equipment can satisfy many users.

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The experienced gamers know how huge the PC’s dominance over Macs is. The release of Windows 10 only made it stronger. Moreover, the popularity of streaming that is increasingly rising every day shoves Macs far behind. For the gamers, it is the obvious choice.

User interface

At some point, the factor of a better user interface is playing a huge role, when it comes to Windows or OS X. In this area, many opinions differ over the interface. Windows 8 presented a new version of a virtual environment for users. That one includes touch and speech features as main factors.

That was not the last improvement. In Windows 10, you are able to use the newest feature – Cortana. This can help you to create and organize your schedule or many other functions by using your voice.

Apple did not want to lose this round, as they presented macOS Sierra with many useful and helpful features, including the famous assistant Siri.

The popular “touch” feature also came to laptops. Here, Windows made a bigger step, since they created devices with 2-in-1 function. The best example is the Surface Pro 4. Users are able to work with Microsoft’s Edge browser, using writings or drawings and other interesting actions.


You do not want to risk. That is why in terms of security many people prefer Mac products to Windows. The progress of modern online activity led to dangerous consequences. By using Windows, your system has greater chance to be caught by a virus or some malware. Even though Macs aren’t remained untouchable, especially in 2016 when security part became more important. A random threat can be anywhere you go online, not only by downloading some unknown apps.

The money factor

The most important factor when buying any device is money. Both giants can offer you a wide range of prices, depending on what you want to own. However, Windows can start from the lowest point and reach the highest. If you are looking for Mac, then you have to be ready for a solid price.

Which one should you buy?

After the whole bunch of features mentioned and presented above, you still have to make the right decision. In order to buy a good device, you must compare all factors. There is no winner among these two giants, the choice is yours. In the era of computers, it is hard to imagine your life without one.