Monitor the AirPlay 2 Playback Using Another Device

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While users have an opportunity to try AirPlay 2 only on the beta versions, it appears to draw a lot of attention and has a lot of outstanding features. Thus, it provides a capability to manage audio playback. The most outstanding point is that you are able to manipulate playback of one device through another by means of Siri. Most probably, you have seen and read some information about this feature, but only now with the issue of the iOS 11.4 beta version, this functionality has been tested. And regarding this, we are going to share with you in more detail.

This feature enables to teach Siri how to turn on music or podcasts. Thus, there is an option available to use Siri on your iOS device and play music or any other content on another device. Actually, this function is awesome, since you receive an opportunity to manage your Apple TV from any device. But wait, it is even more incredible than you expected. When you apply AirPlay2 to manage playback remotely, even if your iPhone goes offline, the playback will not stop.

Owners of numerous Apple devices will face a real breakthrough when enabling a multi-room playback. It is possible to manage several devices in different rooms manually or using Siri. Thus, you can use your iPhone to initiate a request for playing music on Apple TV in several different rooms. This is executed by means of synchronization and you can monitor music playback in the entire house. Besides, this multi-room control function is limited to iTunes with no support from the iOS side. Thus, iOS 11 via iTunes makes it possible to enjoy all benefits of this functionality. That is a real step forward!

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However, the functionality is still under development and it does not offer a wide range of opportunities, as it is desired. Thus, you can control only music and podcasts on your Apple TV. iTunes and TV shows are not available for management for now. Another peculiarity consists in the fact that Siri can control AirPlay 2 not from everywhere. At the current moment, this feature is available from iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

No doubt that this functionality only undergoes first tests and needs a lot of features to be added. But we consider that this functional capability offers a lot to users and definitely worth their attention.