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Xbox One and PlayStation 4 brought new features to console world. This is the first generation of famous consoles, where it is hard to make a choice. All important factors, like hardware, software, and services presented on the highest level by both brands. That is why many gamers around the world face these complicated problems by making the right choice.

If we start to review the hardware aspect of both consoles, here PS4 has shown its dominance. Moreover, Sony focused on the PS4’ software and interface on games, which is also an important factor for many gamers.

The release of Xbox One had one critical issue. Developers tried to focus more on TV and other entertainment details rather than on playing games. Sony made a serious step by making their console more affordable. At the same time, Microsoft presented the second-generation of peripherals – Kinect, that was not so useful for many gamers.

Nowadays, the whole situation has changed. Kinect is no longer a mandatory option for Microsoft’s console and its price is lower. At some point, Xbox One developers understood people’s desire to buy consoles only for gaming.


In terms of prices, Xbox One had a little advantage at launch, but nowadays, both famous consoles are on the same level. If you are looking for PS4 Slim, the re-designed version of PS4 is available for $292 and higher on Amazon (at the moment when reviewed). You also may find the bundle with games, which gamers find more attractive in terms of money.

Microsoft went through the same re-design process, as they released the Xbox One S. This version with a 500GB drive can be bought for $199. Bundles are also available for this console and they are totally worth buying.

Those releases did not stop famous companies to make powerful consoles, as they both presented new versions. For example, Sony’s PS4 Pro with 1TB drive costs more – $499. Here, you can enjoy better performance and 4K video support. According to the rumors, Xbox One Scorpio (now officially the Xbox One X) by Microsoft is going to be more powerful than the version of their main rivals and promises true 4K gaming at 60fps. The price is expected to be higher after release.

Both consoles provide their users with online play. But the subscription to this service is hidden in the price. There are many useful things for any gamer.

Connections and ports

To continue the comparison review, we are going to hold your attention on PS4, Xbox One and on updated One S Slim versions.

The size of PS4 is smaller. Part-gloss design and part-matt black plastic make this console unique in some way. By playing different games, you may notice how quiet it is. The previous PlayStation versions were not. Two USB ports are available at the front. You also will find traditional power and disc eject buttons. Many additional ports are available for different purposes: HDMI, Ethernet and even PlayStation Camera port. The slim version is quite similar; however, it does not have an optical audio output.

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The Xbox One is larger console than PS4, but there are no problems to set it up at home. The early versions of Xbox contained many issues, so Microsoft tried to fix them and present the better version by giving gamers Xbox One. There are many main and additional ports on the back of Xbox One: HDMI, Kinect, Ethernet and TV. The Xbox S version has no Kinect port, as it can be connected through standard USB Port.

Hardware and specs

The hardware of both consoles contains the same AMD Jaguar processor technology. The eight CPU cores run at 1.75 GHz (Xbox) and at 1.6GHz (PS4). The similar AMD GPUs presented in both consoles, still have a little difference. Microsoft’s console is based on the Bonaire architecture with 12 GCN compute units to play with and Sony based on Pitcairn has 18. Here, PlayStation 4 has a small advantage in the graphics aspect. Sony went further. They made 8GB of 5500Mhz GDDR5 RAM, with a wider bandwidth. That step only underlines how powerful PS4 is in terms of hardware.

For many gamers, it does make sense, since they just want to play favorite games. The graphics and resolution are more for expert discussions when there is a frame-by-frame analysis.

Both consoles still lose their battle to any mid-range gaming PC. For developers of such PCs, it is easier to optimize graphics engines and add many interesting features.

Interface and features

In terms of interface, PS4 is better and you can use all functions by playing any game.

The Xbox One’s software includes many interesting features based on Windows 10 platform. You are able to use the Kinect sensor and Cortana together if you prefer to play the game with your friends. Through the universal store, you can get some apps and games on the Xbox.

Xbox One and PS4 have also additional functions. For example, you can stream your favorite games from PS4 to PS Vita handheld, Sony Xperia or tablet. Streaming is available locally or over the Internet.


In this technical area, Xbox has more advantages. You can play some games with Kinect camera, which is a solid improvement for the console. However, it is not so popular, as it should be. PS4’s Camera is less productive and barely used.

Virtual Reality

The obvious choice is PlayStation 4. You can use Sony’s PlayStation VR platform, which is unique and exclusive. The price of the headset is $400. Microsoft doesn’t have any plans for VR on Xbox so far.

Final decision

The difference between these two presented and reviewed consoles is not big, but more people prefer to stop the choice on PS4. However, it is totally up to you, which console you want to buy after you went through the comparison review.