The Evolution of the iPod

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Is it interesting for you to find out how it all started? Near the turn of this century, the world of computer technologies was quite different – there were no social networks or apps. Nobody could even imagine that in 17 years everybody will be able to update his device to iOS 11 iTunes version. However, even then, being still not so world-famous, Apple managed to create the revolutionary device – the first truly great MP3 player with the user-friendly interface. Here is how the original line of iPods evolved.

The Original (1st Generation) iPod 2001

The original iPod changed the way of music consumption

In spite of the fact that the 1st generation iPod was not the first MP3 player in the world, it managed to win its supporters and become a leader in its market. The center button for selecting items and scroll wheels surrounded by four buttons are the main features of this device. It is very interesting to know that Apple wasn`t a leading corporation at the time when the original iPod was introduced. It is due to the iPod`s unbelievable success Apple was able to grow rapidly.

The 2nd Generation iPod 2002

The iPod developers boosted the capacity of the device from five to ten gigabytes

The second iPod model impressed its users with numerous new features such as a touch-sensitive wheel, increased storage capacity, and Windows support. Unfortunately, the iTunes Store wasn`t introduced that year so music lovers had to add their favorite songs from CDs and various online resources.

The 3rd Generation iPod 2003

The Third Generation iPod is the second model released with PC compatibility

The Third Generation iPod is much different from its previous models. The main changes concerned its design. First of all, this model had more-rounded corners and was a little bit thinner. All menu buttons were placed in a row between the screen and touch wheel. Due to the Dock Connector users could connect their device to compatible accessories and computers. You could keep your iPod always charged fully through FireWire only. In 2003 the iTunes Store was introduced that became the world`s best way to play your collection of music.

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The 4th Generation iPod (aka iPod Photo) 2004

The 4th generation iPod was the first full-sized iPod that could be charged via USB 2.0

The developers of the 4th generation iPod line definitely did their best to astonish their customers with something new. The main change was the click wheel with buttons that improved the user experience greatly. What is more, it had better battery life and useful firmware enhancements such as multiple On-the-Go playlists. This model had two editions: a Harry Potter edition and a 10 GB U2 edition. The iPod Photo with a color screen also emerged at that time.

The 5th Generation iPod (aka iPod Video) 2005

The fifth-generation iPod was the last model to have a plastic face

The 5th generation iPod was available in two colors and had the ability to play video in H.264 and MP4. Users could easily purchase and download different movies, music videos, podcasts and TV shows from Google Video or the iTunes Store. The iPod`s update in 2006 included a search feature, newly designed earphones, longer video playback time and a brighter screen.

The iPod Classic (aka 6th Generation iPod) 2007

The iPod Classic had dramatically improved battery life

The iPod Classic is known as the last iPod of the original line. With the introduction of smartphones, especially iPhone, such MP3 players no longer had such great demand and just became unnecessary. The iPod Classic adds the CoverFlow interface to the standard iPod line and plays videos, audiobooks and music.