Top Mac Myths You Need to Know About before Buying a Mac

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The love and passion displayed by Mac users are very strong. They tell you how elegant and easy it is to use Mac OS X. This has stirred up a deep controversy amongst users and the choice they have to make. So which will it be Mac or PC?  Let’s examine some of the myths surrounding these controversies.

Myth 1: Mac OS X is more secure than Windows

We know that the market share for Mac is less than 10%. Which makes it safe to say that numerous worries related to spyware and the fastback performance of machines are not the case for Mac products. Viruses and malware are products of certain bad groups with the sole purpose of causing widespread harm and damage with limited resources. Good news is that the Mac is a minority operating system thereby ensuring the strong security for Mac machines.

Files and files systems are protected from damage. The file path design is different and it has a regular software update which therefore ensures the difficulty in exploiting Mac users.

But the Windows partition in Mac is still very vulnerable just as Windows PC. We have over 20 million malware infectors for the Window PCs and just about a 100 for Mac. I think the difference in numbers speaks loud enough.

Myth 2: Mac is built For Artists and Students

Macs are really cool as they came in with loads of creative design tools that are very useful to the education sector and also challenging to creative minds. For instance, tools like iLife give more than Windows has to offer. You can create fun short videos to share on YouTube and this makes users really excited.

There are many more features to talk about, take a look at iDVD and iMovie. It can only take seconds to transcend from the audio mixing console to video editing stations that are a really big deal for the graphics community. Filmmaking has become much easier not to talk about how efficient the color management is. These are some of the mind-blowing features presented in Mac and lacking in Windows.

Myth 3: Macs Are More Expensive

Yes! Yes! The price of Mac machines is high. Why is this so? The materials used for building Mac products are more durable, with higher quality components and even more energy-efficient. If you decide to look at the offered software, you’ll discover they are much better than compared to Windows. The hardware is also of a better grade.

Myth 4: Bad in Gaming

Microsoft has a very solid ground when it comes to its Direct X Graphics in Windows that offers an astounding array of titles. Mac uses OpenGL that needs porting over of the popular games. Recently, Mac got the Nvidia chipsets and with the Intel CPUs, they can provide a very good platform for gaming. There is still the shortage of outlets where you can get these games.

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Myth 5: No Right-Click With Only One Mouse Button

Previously, there was a case of not having the right-click with only one-button mouse but this has changed now. There is the touch-sensitive shell and the magic mouse can be configured for clicking on both left and right sides. This is also applicable for the trackpads of the MacBook. However, this level of customization is not offered in the traditional two-button mice.

Myth 6: Hard To Learn

I guess every Mac User will totally disagree that it’s difficult to learn and use Mac. I would say it’s more intuitive and easy to use. Users just need to keep their minds open and embrace the interesting feeling that comes from learning new things.

Myth 7: No Viruses and no need for the Antivirus software

Most of the people have the opinion that there is no need for AntiVirus software on Mac. Recently, there has been the issue of malware. We know Windows has a poor written operating system which is very insecure. However, a study has shown that Apple has the most holes when compared to other software designers. Thereby securing the Macs System is also of concern to users.

Myth 8: Lower Cost of Ownership

The start cost for Mac is at $1199. For each machine, a copy of parallels and a legal Windows copy are required. We also add the Antivirus software for the virtual Windows and native Mac OS X environments. It does not sit well with users when they have to shoulder the extra cost of re-education for the multi-OS parallel environment.

Myth 9: Periodic Defragmentation of a Hard Drive

There is not enough free space for saving files on the hard drive. Files are broken into smaller pieces and saved on the drive in a process called fragmentation. The HFS Plus, on Mac system, is efficient in avoiding file fragmentation. OS X systems have built-in utilities that enable the periodic defragmentation of Mac’s hard drive.

Obviously, the users have to put aside all the crazy myths and make sound decisions based on facts if they would prefer to go for a Mac or not.