What Will Be Special about the Next Version of Apple`s Smartwatch Operation System?

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It is said that Apple watchOS 5 will be announced soon – just in few months so you won`t have long to wait for this important event. We will definitely see loads of new features and changes. Apple hasn`t allowed public betas for watchOS yet but we are all so curious about it. Although, we don`t know much information about watchOS 5, but we exactly aware of what we want and expect from it. And here is this list.

More Audio Streaming

It is expected that watchOS 5 will take the next step adding podcast streaming and creating the functional third-party podcast applications. It also would be really convenient if Siri could voice control the podcast playback on Apple Watch. More audio sources will be also useful. It is also worth to mention the AirPods main changes, for example, or fashion options like Apple Watch bands.

Even Smarter Siri Face

It would be just nice to activate Siri with a tap instead of saying ‘Hey Siri’. A lot of users would like to open the Siri watch face to third-party apps and see all remaining tasks in Things presented during the whole day. They want Siri to put notifications in the timeline view. That would be a huge hit.

Apple can make the Siri watch face more useful by adding third-party support

Improved On-Watch Settings

We hope that you won`t have to head to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone to change some settings to make your new model work to its full potential as you did with Apple Watch 3. Everything will be customizable and controllable directly from the Apple Watch.

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Customizable Control Center

Users will be definitely glad to have the ability to remove, add and re-order toggles and shortcuts. So, hopefully, there won`t be any tapping and swiping. Rethinking the layout entirely could also go a long way.

Android Support

We still keep on dreaming about great changes that the new smartwatch operation system could bring. It would be a nice thing if watchOS play with Android phones. Users would have confidence that they can still use their expensive watch, regardless of what phone model they have.

New Watch Faces

Users would like to see more animated watch faces. What is more, they want to make the watch display a randomly chosen character every time they raise their wrist.

The new Apple Watch is said to have improved health tracking capabilities